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Get Organized for Better Sleep

How decluttering your space helps improve sleep

If you’re a naturally organised person, you’re probably sleeping better than the rest of us with messier lives, especially if that structure extends to your bedroom. Researchers at Princeton’s Neuroscience Institute found that clutter amounts to lots of unnecessary visual stimuli for your mind to sort through, increasing stress and the amount of time it takes to turn your brain off for the night.

Think about it like your computer’s desktop or the apps on your iPhone. The more icons there are, the more time it takes to find the specific one you want. The same principle applies in the bedroom. Over time, that small amount of additional work your brain does adds up and translates to getting less sleep.

You don’t have to be the type of person whose closet is colour-coded to get the sleep advantages of being organized. The easiest way to put this principle to work is to clear off all the flat surfaces in your room. It’s tempting to let things pile up on your physical desktop, on top of your dresser, or on your floor, but organizing the chaos on those surfaces drastically decreases the visual clutter your brain has to sort through. The result is less stress and anxiety.

So if you’ve noticed that your sleep is suffering lately, take a look around your bedroom and see what you can do to de-clutter your space. It just might make the difference you’ve been looking for.