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Save It For The Bedroom

Create a peaceful environment and improve your sleep – by redecorating your bedroom.

You already know a proper night’s sleep is important, and you may have even tried all the reasonable remedies before. But if you’re already sleeping on a Leesa mattress and still have trouble feeling rested, you might want to consider more drastic measures. One non-medical intervention to contemplate? Re-decorating your bedroom with different colours.

In visual arts, there are whole tomes devoted to the study of colours. In particular, modern colour theory addresses the sensory responses people have to certain colour choices. As you can imagine, colour theory plays a major part in marketing and branding. Ever wonder why pencils are yellow or stop signs are red?

The handy guide below from The Colour Wheel Artist provides some associations of various colours and the effect they can have, with Antonia from #tidylife commenting on how you can use these colours in your bedroom. While we can’t promise that re-decorating your bedroom will cure you of insomnia forever, creating a peaceful place to rest each night can’t hurt.

Blue Associations: Calmness, Serenity, The Sea, Trust, Intelligence, Sadness

People tend to think of blue as quite a cold colour, which may not seem an ideal choice for the bedroom. However, there are many tones of blue, some warmer than others. Choosing blues that lean towards lilac or turquoise can avoid that chilly feeling. Currently inky, indigo and denim blues are a fashionable colour choice and can look fresh and contemporary teamed with white and natural wood finishes. With any sort of blue in the bedroom it can be a great accent colour, for example in your throws or scatter cushions on the bed, or perhaps featured in your wall art.

Red Associations: Fire, Passion, Heat, Boldness, Energy, Aggression, Strength, Excitement

Red is quite an invigorating colour, it is passionate and romantic. If you are seeking a restful environment it may not be the perfect colour choice for your bedroom; certainly in large amounts it can feel quite overpowering and bold. But it is a warm colour, too, so used sparingly it can add a cosy, cocooned feel to a bedroom and a sense of romance. If you like the traditional look with dark wood furniture, red velvet curtains or a red rug can add a vintage feel.

Yellow Associations: Happiness, Spirituality, Energy, Emergency, Optimism

As with all colours, there are varying depths and shades. Yellow can go from soft buttermilk hues to deep ochre and mustard. It can be subtle or energizing, so you if you want to decorate with yellow in your bedroom, select and try applying a few tester sized paint pots to the walls before committing. Find the right shade of yellow and it can be soothing and evoke a feeling of gentle relaxation in the bedroom.

Green Associations: Nature, Freshness, Peace, Growth, Envy

The botanical trend is huge at the moment with people decorating their homes with hanging plant holders and leafy-designs on wallpapers, bedding and cushions. Layering plants on top of furniture and windowsills is extremely popular. Tones of green in the bedroom evoke a feeling of nature. You could choose deep, exotic greens or lighter spring-like shades that feel fresh, clean and modern. Natural materials such as rattan side tables and wicker magazine holders will reinforce this feeling of nature in your bedroom.

Purple Associations: Creativity, Imagination, Flowers, Royalty, Spirituality, Bravery, Eccentricity

Purple may seem an unusual colour choice for the bedroom as we tend to associate it with creativity and imagination, which may not be conducive to relaxation. But by choosing lighter shades of purple such as lilac, or using deeper purples in small amounts, such as a decorative vase or cushion, or in a patterned rug, it can make a great accent colour. Purple can also look quite regal and grand so if you favour a bold, statement look, it may suit you.

Grey Associations: Practicality, Technology, Solidity, Security, Compromise

Grey has become very fashionable in home interiors recently. It is the new neutral backdrop instead of beige and very versatile, since you can choose between soft, barely there cloud greys to deeper and more industrial feeling gunmetal greys. It can be masculine, but beautifully softened by contrasting with petal pinks, corals and natural wood finishes. Crisp white bedding against grey walls can look very contemporary. 

White Associations: Light, Cleanliness, Clouds, Clarity, Simplicity, Peacefulness

If you are seeking a safe haven from the world, a sanctuary in your bedroom, then decorating with white can give you a feeling of simplicity and peace. If you hate clutter, then clean lines and white walls, bedding or accessories can be the perfect antidote to the stresses and strains of our hectic modern lives. Using hard wearing paints and good quality soft furnishings will mean you can wipe down walls and wash bedding regularly to keep it looking snowy fresh and pristine.

On the Fence?

When decorating your bedroom, there are no hard and fast rules. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colours and try layering up toning shades for depth and added interest. Do try tester paint pots before you buy full sized paints, because colours can look very different at certain times of the day, whether in natural light or artificial. One way to introduce a pop of colour is on a single focal wall, or in a wallpaper design which could be quirky, such as a geometric pattern, or more subtle, for example a floral design. Home interior magazines or online websites such as Pinterest are a great way to research colours for the bedroom and find inspiration. Most importantly, choose to decorate your bedroom with the colours you love!