Leesa Luxury Hybrid Mattress

Our premium pocket sprung mattress
Premium foam and pocket springs for enhanced breathability, focussed pressure relief, and edge-to edge support.

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Universal <br> Adaptive Feel

Adaptive Feel

Our mattresses are designed to feel incredible, whether you are a back, stomach, side or combination sleeper.

100-night <br> risk free trial

risk free trial

We think it will be "love at first night" but you have up to 100 nights to fall in love with your Leesa Luxury Hybrid mattress. Returns are free and easy.

Giving Back <br> <br>

Giving Back

We donate one mattress for every ten we sell. With 30,000+ mattresses donated, when you buy from Leesa, you make a real difference.

10-year warranty <br> <br>

10-year warranty

Buy with confidence. Our mattresses have been extensively tested to simulate over 10 years of sleep, and we offer a 10 year warranty for your peace of mind.

Everything loved about the Leesa mattress,
with a premium pocket spring core

The Leesa Luxury Hybrid mattress combines the comfort and Universal Adaptive Feel of the Leesa mattress with premium pocket springs to deliver enhanced breathability, focussed pressure relief, almost zero motion transfer, and unrivalled edge support.

Sapira mattress

1. Comfort Layer

A 4cm layer of breathable comfort foam allows airflow for a cooler night’s sleep, and enough bounce for freedom of movement.

2. Recovery Layer

A 4cm layer of memory foam delivers the body contouring and pressure relief you’ve come to expect from memory foam.

3. Support Layers

15cm individually wrapped premium pocket springs are nestled between two 2.5cm stabilising foam layers, to provide an exceptional and unique core support layer.

Key Benefits

Almost zero
motion transfer


body contouring

pressure relief

edge support

Materials & Construction

5 Layer Construction

  • 4cm Comfort Foam Top Layer
    IFD: 2.5 kPa. DENSITY: 50 kg/m3
  • 4cm Contouring Memory Foam
    IFD: 1.3 kPa. DENSITY: 50 kg/m3
  • 2.5cm Core Support Foam Base
    IFD: 2.8 kPa. DENSITY: 32 kg/m3
  • 15cm premium core pocket coil system
    1.8 mm diameter core coils 1.6mm diameter edge coils
  • 2.5cm Core Support Foam Base
    IFD: 2.5 kPa. DENSITY: 30 kg/m3

Seamless Iconic Four-stripe Cover

Measurements & Construction

UK Single

90cm x 190cm x 25cm


UK Double

135cm x 190cm x 28cm


UK King

150cm x 200cm x 28cm


UK Super King

180cm x 200cm x 28cm



  • Oeko-tex 100 Certified


10-year limited warranty

We believe we’ve created the perfect pocket sprung mattress

The Leesa Luxury Hybrid mattress is the culmination of 25 years of mattress design by one of our co-founders.

It combines what we believe to be the most advanced pocket spring system in production with the comfort and Universal Adaptive Feel you’ve come to expect from Leesa.

A state-of-the-art pocket spring system extends the support provided right to the mattress edge.

The result is astonishingly good - the Leesa Luxury Hybrid mattress gently holds you as you sleep, cushioning your body and reacting to your movements throughout the night. This provides unparalleled comfort and support, with virtually zero motion transfer from your partner.


Unrivalled Edge Support

A core of premium tempered-steel pocket springs forms a dynamic frame of support around the edge of the mattress.

This means you can utilise every inch of space of the mattress surface, without compromising on comfort and support, no matter whether you prefer to sleep in the middle, or at the edge of the bed.


Focussed Pressure Relief

The active support from the 15cm premium pocket spring core of the Leesa Luxury Hybrid mattress provides focussed pressure relief, meaning that the mattress adjusts to the pressure relief needs of each individual section of your body to create the perfect support system to help ensure you wake well rested and ready to take on the day.


Almost Zero Motion Transfer

The Leesa Luxury Hybrid mattress improves on the minimal motion transfer of the Leesa mattress, to result in almost no motion transfer whatsoever.

So no matter how restless your partner might be, you’ll be able to get a restful night’s sleep without being woken by movement on the other side of the mattress.


One mattress donated for every ten sold

Since 2014, we’ve donated over 30,000 mattresses to more than 1,000 non profit organisations worldwide, including donations for charities supporting the homeless in London, Manchester, Sheffield, Sunderland, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Exeter.


1. How long will it take to receive my Leesa Luxury Hybrid mattress?
Once an order is placed, we will generally arrange for it to be collected by UPS within 1-2 business days. UPS in-transit times vary between 1-2 business days depending on location. We will send you an email with your tracking details as soon as your Leesa leaves the building.
2. How do you set up the Leesa Luxury Hybrid mattress?
We recommend moving the box into the room where you will set up. Then, follow these steps:

1. Unbox your Leesa mattress on its side, next to the foundation or floor. Avoid using a sharp object to open the box as you run the risk of unintentionally slicing your Leesa Luxury Hybrid. Unboxing by yourself? Try placing your foot on one of the box flaps to hold it in place while you pull the bedroll out.

2. Position your rolled up Leesa on any solid or slatted foundation and remove the outer layer of plastic wrap. You'll notice that your Leesa Luxury Hybrid has already started to expand at this point.

3. Unwrap and fold the mattress and tear away the inner plastic. If you tear the inner plastic at the top of the bed, you can pull it straight down and off like a sock.

4. Watch your Leesa Luxury Hybrid expand and take shape.

Note: It may take up to an hour for your Leesa Luxury Hybrid to fully expand and a few days to fully firm up. Any slight odour will dissipate shortly after setup.
3. What kind of bed base do I need for the Leesa Luxury Hybrid mattress?
To be most effective, your Leesa should be setup on a stable, rigid base that is substantial enough to support both mattress and sleepers.

Great options for setting up your Leesa Luxury Hybrid:

Traditional metal or wooden bed frame Frame with bed slats Divan bases Flat on the floor

Note: If you are using a slatted base, make sure that the slats are the same width, flat and spaced equidistant from each other, no more than 7 cm apart.

If you are unsure about your setup, give us a call or send us a quick message. We’re happy to help.
4. What is the 100 night risk free trial?
We'd encourage you to trial your Leesa Luxury Hybrid for at least 30 nights. This allows your body ample time to adjust to the feel of the new mattress.

We’re confident you’ll love your mattress, but if you don’t, you have up to 100 nights to let us know. There are zero return fees and you do not have to worry about fitting your Leesa back in the box. We’ll arrange to have your mattress picked up from your home with no additional effort or cost on your part. We do our best to locate a charity in your community otherwise we coordinate your pick up with our recycling partner. Then we refund your purchase in full.
5. Do I need a mattress protector or mattress pad for my Leesa Luxury Hybrid?
Mattress protectors are a great way to shield your mattress from life's little accidents. Look for a highly recommended brand that offers a waterproof, hypoallergenic protector made of breathable fabric.